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......@@ -81,6 +81,19 @@ By running this script you will be able to easily install tools in different ver
- You don't have to bother with detious installation procedure, somebody else already did the job and wrote a `Dockerfile`.
- You can easly keep [container]( for differents version of the sam tools.
### `sge_modules`
The `src/sge_modules` folder is not realy there. It's a submodule of the project [PSMN/modules]( To populate it locally you can use the following command:
git submodule init
Like for the `src/docker_modules` the [PSMN/modules]( project describe recepies to install tools and use them. The main difference is that you cannot use [Docker]( on the PSMN. Instead you have to use another framework [Environement Module]( which allows you to load modules for specific tools and version.
The []( file of the [PSMN/modules]( respository contains all the instruction to be able to load the modules maintained by the LBMC en present in the [PSMN/modules]( respository.
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