Unverified Commit 746d0619 authored by Laurent Modolo's avatar Laurent Modolo
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.update_config.sh: fix singularity cacheDir path for in2p3

parent 30b52060
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ fd ".*config" -E "nf_modules" src/ -x perl -0777pe 's|\n\s*singularity {\n\s*sin
# update in2p3 config
fd ".*config" -E "nf_modules" src/ -x perl -0777pe 's|\n\s*ccin2p3 {\n\s*singularity.enabled = true|\n ccin2p3 {\n singularity.enabled = true\n singularity.cacheDir = "/sps/lbmc/common/singularity/"|mg' -i {}
fd ".*config" src/ -x perl -pe 's|container = "lbmc//sps/lbmc/common/singularity/(.*).img"|container = "lbmc/\1"|g' -i {}
fd ".*config" -E "nf_modules" src/ -x perl -0777pe 's|singularity.cacheDir = "/sps/lbmc/common/singularity/"|singularity.cacheDir = "\$baseDir/.src/singularity_in2p3/"|mg' -i {}
fd ".*config" -E "nf_modules" src/ -x perl -0777pe 's|singularity.cacheDir = "/sps/lbmc/common/singularity/"|singularity.cacheDir = "\$baseDir/.singularity_in2p3/"|mg' -i {}
# we remove the ccin2p3_conda section
fd ".*config" -E "nf_modules" src/ -x perl -0777pe "s|\s*ccin2p3_conda {.*ccin2p3 {\n|\n ccin2p3 {\n|msg" -i {}
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