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yaml modification

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......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ params.project = ""
/* Params from config file yaml: */
data = params.config.collect {k , v -> "${params.fastq_folder}/${v.fastq.gz}"}
data = params.input.collect {k , v -> "${params.fastq}/${v.fastq.gz}"}
/* Params out */
params.fastp_out = "$params.project/fastp/"
# A row defines some features to describe a sample to analyse.
# You can add as many row as you want below each other. Be sure that
# the name of the row is the same as the file name witout extension.
# project name,
# boolean value to setup sequencing type (paired-end or single-end)
paired-end: FALSE
# directory containing fastq files (rawdata)
fastq_folder: ""
sample: 5Y_siDDX_CTCF
# sample must be a string. It corresponds to the name of the sample
sample: "5Y_siDDX_CTCF"
# fastq is the corresponding fastq file, can be compressed as gz file.
fastq: "5Y_siDDX_CTCF.fastq.gz"
# condition
condition: "siDDX"
# type is related to ChIP type: Input or IP
type: "IP"
......@@ -10,3 +26,8 @@ input:
fastq: "5Y_siDDX_input.fastq.gz"
condition: "siDDX"
type: "Input"
# Under construction:
# Organism (hg19, GRCH38, HBV...) default hg19 for FasterDB compatibility
# organism: ""
\ No newline at end of file
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