Commit 6be68d94 authored by mcariou's avatar mcariou
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add gormanii

parent fc0a1444
......@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ GCA_900461525.1;Legionella busanensis;Pillon
GCA_000236145.1;Legionella dumoffi;Pillon
GCA_003990055.1;Legionella septentrionalis;Pillon
GCA_900452385.1;Legionella donaldsonii;Pillon
GCA_001648685.1;Legionella gormannii;Pillon
GCA_001886835.1;Legionella fraseri Dallas1E;Pillon
GCA_003003865.1;Legionella fraseri Lansing 3;Pillon
GCA_003003755.1;Legionella fraseri Los Angeles 1;Pillon
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