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small python software to handle dated file names git status
# Git : the basis
You can find the [partial guide](./tp.md) and a [presentation support](./presentation.md) and in this repository and compile them into .pdf format with the following commands:
R -e 'install.packages("rmarkdown", repos = "https://cloud.r-project.org")'
## [Partial guide](./tp.md)
The practical guide is decomposed in three sections.
- In the first part **Git Alone**, you will learn to use the basic Git command.
- In the second part **Git remote**, you will learn to interact with a Git remote repository
- In the last part **Git together**, you will learn to work in collaboration with another person using Git.
## [Presentation support](./presentation.md)
The [presentation support](./presentation.md), provide advanced details on the mechanisms behind Git.
It can be read independently from the [partial guide](./tp.md).
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