Verified Commit 99c06a7a authored by Laurent Modolo's avatar Laurent Modolo
Browse files add log for config file

parent 36dac5e3
......@@ -24,11 +24,12 @@ params.whitelist = "data/expected_whitelist.txt"
params.config = "data/marseq_flexi_splitter.yaml"
params.workflow_type = "classic" "fastq files: ${params.fastq}" "fasta file : ${params.fasta}" "gtf file : ${params.gtf}" "transcript_to_gene file : ${params.transcript_to_gene}" "whitelist file : ${params.whitelist}" "fastq files (--fastq): ${params.fastq}" "fasta file (--fasta): ${params.fasta}" "gtf file (--gtf): ${params.gtf}" "transcript_to_gene file (--transcript_to_gene): ${params.transcript_to_gene}" "whitelist file (--whitelist): ${params.whitelist}" "config file (--config): ${params.config}"
.fromFilePairs( params.fastq, size: -1)
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