Unverified Commit 7064340c authored by Laurent Modolo's avatar Laurent Modolo
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update docker script for v0.4.0 to automatise push

parent 28cb6941
docker pull lbmc/bcftools:1.7
docker build src/.docker_modules/bcftools/1.7 -t 'lbmc/bcftools:1.7'
docker push lbmc/bcftools:1.7
docker pull lbmc/bedtools:2.25.0
docker build src/.docker_modules/bedtools/2.25.0 -t 'lbmc/bedtools:2.25.0'
docker push lbmc/bedtools:2.25.0
docker pull lbmc/bioawk:1.0
docker build src/.docker_modules/bioawk/1.0 -t 'lbmc/bioawk:1.0'
docker push lbmc/bioawk:1.0
docker pull lbmc/bowtie:1.2.2
docker build src/.docker_modules/bowtie/1.2.2 -t 'lbmc/bowtie:1.2.2'
docker push lbmc/bowtie:1.2.2
docker pull lbmc/bowtie2:
docker build src/.docker_modules/bowtie2/ -t 'lbmc/bowtie2:'
docker push lbmc/bowtie2:
FROM sambamba:0.6.7
FROM lbmc/sambamba:0.6.7
MAINTAINER Laurent Modolo
ENV PACKAGES curl=7.58.0* \
ENV PACKAGES curl=7.58* \
ca-certificates=20180409 \
build-essential=12.4* \
docker pull lbmc/bwa:0.7.17
docker build src/.docker_modules/bwa/0.7.17 -t 'lbmc/bwa:0.7.17'
docker push lbmc/bwa:0.7.17
docker pull lbmc/canu:1.6
docker build src/.docker_modules/canu/1.6 -t 'lbmc/canu:1.6'
docker push lbmc/canu:1.6
docker pull lbmc/cutadapt:1.14
docker build src/.docker_modules/cutadapt/1.14 -t 'lbmc/cutadapt:1.14'
docker push lbmc/cutadapt:1.14
docker pull lbmc/cutadapt:1.15
docker build src/.docker_modules/cutadapt/1.15 -t 'lbmc/cutadapt:1.15'
docker push lbmc/cutadapt:1.15
docker pull lbmc/cutadapt:2.1
docker build src/.docker_modules/cutadapt/2.1 -t 'lbmc/cutadapt:2.1'
docker push lbmc/cutadapt:2.1
docker pull lbmc/deeptools:3.0.2
docker build src/.docker_modules/deeptools/3.0.2 -t 'lbmc/deeptools:3.0.2'
docker push lbmc/deeptools:3.0.2
docker pull lbmc/deeptools:3.1.1
docker build src/.docker_modules/deeptools/3.1.1 -t 'lbmc/deeptools:3.1.1'
docker push lbmc/deeptools:3.1.1
docker pull lbmc/fastp:0.19.7
docker build src/.docker_modules/fastp/0.19.7 -t 'lbmc/fastp:0.19.7'
docker push lbmc/fastp:0.19.7
docker pull lbmc/fastqc:0.11.5
docker build src/.docker_modules/fastqc/0.11.5 -t 'lbmc/fastqc:0.11.5'
docker push lbmc/fastqc:0.11.5
docker pull lbmc/file_handle:0.1.1
docker build src/.docker_modules/file_handle/0.1.1 -t 'lbmc/file_handle:0.1.1'
docker push lbmc/file_handle:0.1.1
docker pull lbmc/gatk:
docker build src/.docker_modules/gatk/ -t 'lbmc/gatk:'
docker push lbmc/gatk:
docker pull lbmc/hisat2:2.0.0
docker build src/.docker_modules/hisat2/2.0.0 -t 'lbmc/hisat2:2.0.0'
docker push lbmc/hisat2:2.0.0
docker pull lbmc/hisat2:2.1.0
docker build src/.docker_modules/hisat2/2.1.0 -t 'lbmc/hisat2:2.1.0'
docker push lbmc/hisat2:2.1.0
docker pull lbmc/htseq:0.11.2
docker build src/.docker_modules/htseq/0.11.2 -t 'lbmc/htseq:0.11.2'
docker push lbmc/htseq:0.11.2
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