Unverified Commit 40e33e80 authored by Laurent Modolo's avatar Laurent Modolo
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in2p3.pbs: fix files path

parent 746d0619
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ PIPELINE=${SCRATCH}/nextflow/src/training_dataset.nf
${NF} ${PIPELINE} -c ${CONFIG} -profile ccin2p3 \
--fasta "${SCRATCH}/nextflow/data/genome.fa" \
--fastq_single "${SCRATCH}/nextflow/data/*_R1.fastq.gz" \
--fasta "${SCRATCH}/nextflow/data/tiny_dataset/fasta/tiny_v2.fasta" \
--fastq_single "${SCRATCH}/nextflow/data/tiny_dataset/fastq/tiny2_S.fastq.gz" \
--chromosome "X" --start 5305683 --stop 5333928 -resume
-w "${SCRATCH}"
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